Visit from Vespa Girl!

This weekend was fun. Kate (aka Vespa Girl) came to visit on Sunday and we had some wine, worked on some cards, took a ride up through the wind turbines, and then ate a good dinner made by Mark! Last night I put together this card... sorry Kate, I'll probably be mailing it out this week, but I couldn't wait to post it! I need to learn how to take better photos of the cards though. If anyone has any suggestions for me please leave me a comment! They look way better in person. Again the vespa girl is in 3D, but you can't really tell.

This week I have Wednesday off for Veterans Day! I can't wait. I have to take a ride to the stamp store to pick up some paper for a project I've been working on, and since there's a class going on, I may call tomorrow to see if I can still sign up! This weekend I also have an A muse card class - I'm very excited! Hopefully I'll get another post up by the end of the week... stay tuned...


  1. so cute Amy!

    For better photos, stand the card up and put the same color on the bottom and back and try to take the photo with natural light in the area without any flash. HTH !

    thanks for coming to my class! Sherry

  2. What a pretty card! Love the layout :)